Goods come in cases of 48 by size for the pant & top and 24 pieces for the jacket.

Unit Price: $20/Dozen, Minimum Order: 1000 Dozen (12,000 units) 

The Scrubs are made in Honduras, 100% polyester, Machine Wash and Tumble Dry.

They are packed in cartons, flat folded, pressed in 1 bag.(bulk)

They were packed to ship to hospitals & healthcare institutions.

Size, care instructions and rn# are on the label.

They are all solid colors with string & tag color ID per size. This helps determine the size without having to read the label.

Unit Price: $20/Dozen

Minimum Order: 1000 Dozen (12,000 units) 

Breakdown of Colors and Sizes Available: ScrubsInventory

“Subject to unsold” FOB Charlotte NC

To Purchase Contact Doug or Jerry

Shelf Pull – Pharmaceuticals

We have the following ready to ship Pharmaceutical shelf pulls in good condition:

  • 1686 bottles of Children’s Delsym Night Time 6 oz. UPC 6382421266 $36/Dozen Exp: 05/17-11/17
  • 1238 bottles of Children’s Delsym DM Cough 6 oz. UPC 6382421466 $36/Dozen Exp: 05/17-11/17 dating
  • 571 bottles of Tylenol Cold Mucus Severe 8 oz. UPC 0045-0521-08 $36/Dozen Exp: 06/17-10/17
  • 276 bottles of Tylenol Cold Flu Severe 8 oz. UPC 0045-0525-08 $36/Dozen Exp: 06/17-09/17
  • 408 packs of Mucinex Fast Max Night Time liquid gels 16 gels UPC 363824588162 $30/Dozen Exp: 03/17
  • 993 bottles of Children’s Mucinex Multi Sympton Cold & Fever 4 oz. UPC 6382401764 $36/Dozen Exp: 06/17-07/17
  • 876 bottles of Mucinex Fast Max 6 oz. UPC 6382401665 $36/Dozen Exp: 05/17+
  • 1040 packs of Allegra Allergy 8 gel caps UPC 4116741220 $24/Dozen Exp: 04/17+

“Subject to unsold” FOB Charlotte NC

Contact Doug or Jerry for more info.